Writing for internationals/expats

Do you enjoy walking and writing? As well as meeting new people? Walking brings peace to your mind. Besides, nature is a source of inspiration to write about.
While walking through forests and fields we frequently pause to ’taste’ what nature has to offer. After an hour of walking, we start writing at a nearby cafe. We read our stories to each other, which not only inspire one another but, most importantly, ourselves.
Each time we start at a different location, so you can explore various natural areas and cafes. Of course, you are welcome to write in English, Dutch or your native language. During the activity, we will speak in both English and Dutch, allowing you to practice your Dutch if you wish.
Location: Eindhoven/Veldhoven region. Writing experience is not necessary; the joy of writing is the most important thing. The route is approximately 3-4 km.

Date: Spring 2024 Wednesday or Friday morning from 10.00 AM -12.15 PM. Costs: € 27,50 (including a coffee or tea)
If there’s enough interest I will start a 4- time course starting February/March 2024.
Mail: info@rakeinzichten.nl


A writing journey through your life

Writing is fun, especially when it’s about yourself.

In this 6-session course you will craft authentic stories from your life. Thanks to creative exercises which bring memories to the surface or offer new insights into your life story. Afterwards, we share and read our texts to each other, often leading to moments of recognition.
You are welcome to write in English, Dutch or your native language. During the sessions we communicate in both English and Dutch, offering you the opportunity to practice your Dutch if desired. Writing experience is not necessary; the joy of writing is the most important thing. Because we are with a small group, there is plenty of attention for everyone, creating a safe environment.
The course starts on Wednesday 31 January 10.30 AM-12.15 PM. Location: Bibliotheek Veldhoven (library). Dates:  31 January, 7, 21 and 28 February and 6 March 2024. Costs € 65,-.
Info: 06-57328090, info@rakeinzichten.nl

About me

Carolijn van Gorkum, angst coaching

Hi, I’m Carolijn and I love writing. I live in Veldhoven, teach writing courses and enjoy meeting internationals to learn from each other’s culture. Hence my writing courses for internationals. By writing you get clarity in your own life story and you can inspire and understand each other.

In the past, I have had the pleasure of working with non-native speakers in the fields of education and welfare work for more then twenty years. From a young age, I have been writing stories, and I decided to use my writing talent to document people’s life stories. Therefore, I became increasingly curious about my own motivations in life, so I embarked on a personal journey and discovered the reasons of my old patterns and beliefs. This journey provided me valuable insights into myself. Also, this personal development journey felt like a gift, as it brought me closer to my own core.

What can I offer you?

First, I use my intuition and abilities as a systemic coach and writing coach to assist you. I hope you are touched by profound insights, whether through writing or during a coaching session – it doesn’t matter. In essence, you gain a deeper understanding of your thoughts, beliefs, or fears, enabling you to move forward on your own. What a wonderful feeling!

Secondly, I like to inject a bit of humour because I appreciate lightness. And, not to forget, my creativity and writing talent, because I understand better than anyone that by writing stories about your life, you can delve deeper into your own core and discover what truly inspires you.

So, please feel welcome at Rake inzichten!